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Aderet Leadership Academy
Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

An Israeli Beit Midrash, like Aderet, is a space for learning and fostering a sense of responsibility towards Israel and the Jewish people. Aderet serves as a platform where individuals turn education into action. United by a shared belief in the intertwined destinies of diverse Israeli communities, the collective aim is to collaboratively construct an exemplary society in Israel.

About Us

חניכי המכינה ישובים על הדשא
חניכים יושבים במעגל

"In Pursuit of Good and Peace"

An educational bastion seeking excellence, the Aderet Leadership Academy operates with precision, driven by commitments to the Zionist vision and a belief in the shared destinies among diverse segments of the Israeli populace. Our approach is a strategic partnership, fostering collaboration and shared fate within the multifaceted tapestry of the Israeli people.

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In tandem, the academy runs a second-year program, graduate initiatives, and its flagship Ma'alot program, specifically designed for youth village students.

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Established in 2001, the Aderet Leadership Academy is an annual integrated pre-army preparatory program operating in three strategic youth village branches: Ayanot, Kfar Silver and Ben Shemen.

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Values at the Core

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We encourage exploring social dilemmas and inclusion under the banner of shared destiny, creating mutual understanding.

Integrated Living

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Our Beit Midrash fosters diverse leadership through dynamic learning in shared spaces, shaping identity within Jewish culture.

Israeli Beit Midrash

Trainees in Village Program



Aderet is the crucible where sparks of social responsibility ignite, strategically equipping leaders with tools to assume responsibility for society.

Social Responsibility

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We cultivate an unyielding commitment to Israel through immersive experiences, motivating cadets for meaningful IDF and public service.

Love of Country and Army Prep

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We train a diverse cohort that sees itself as a strategic force, guided by duty and integrity to positively influence society.

Creating Leadership

Graduate Testimonials

"My year at the academy was a profound chapter of self-discovery, revealing aspects of who I am, who I can be and who I aspire to become. In the company of remarkable individuals and through a tapestry of adventures, I encountered both trials and triumphs. Overcoming challenges collectively with fellow cadets added significance to the entire experience. Undoubtedly, it stands out as the most significant year of my life."
Benyamin, Class of 20'
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