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Ayanot Museum Inside

Ayanot Museum

In 1930, Ada Fishman Maimon, a pioneer and a visionary, founded
the large working female farm at Ayanot, emphasizing agricultural
and educational activities. Over the years and following
considerable immigration from various countries, the agricultural
farm turned into the youth village of Ayanot-Na`amat. The place
maintains its original values and essence as it is now the main site
of the "Aderet Leadership Academy”, the Ayanot branch of this
pre-military preparatory program.

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Ada Fishman Maimon

Guided Tour of the Ayanot Museum

  • A tour of the historic structures, the cow barn and the farm that have been preserved with the help of The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel. The milking equipment, the cow stands and the beds where the pioneers slept next to the cows in the early days of the farm.

  • An introduction to the central values ​​that accompanied the working farm, which are reflected in the village as a whole today. Emphasis on the leadership principles of Ada Fishman Maimon, a revolutionary who was ahead of her time.

  • A film about the history of the establishment of the women's working farm.

  • A walking tour between the first village buildings.

Meeting the participants of the Aderet Leadership Academy

During the tour it is possible to combine discussions on contemporary Zionism, with meaningful dialogue about small and large national tasks. The importance of the individual's contribution in challenging times. "None of us intended for big revolutions, we saw it as our duty to do small things" as once said Shurika Bowerman, a graduate of Ayanot, a paratrooper and one of the founders of the IDF Women's Corps.

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הדמייה מוזיאתר

Zionism and the stories of the past live and breathe at the Ayanot Museum

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Trainees outside the museum

The educational goal

The interface between the museum Aderet leadership Academy is based on a sense of shared ideas and the desire to share Ayanot’s agricultural story with the general public. Aderet students guide groups and youth who come to visit the museum and the youth village, while exploring and advancing the pioneering Zionist discussion. The connection between the values ​​of the academy and the story of the women's working farm is expressed in
practical Jewish Zionism. This began with the women`s working farm and the establishment of the state of Israel, and it continues with the younger generation who take responsibility for the advancement of Israeli society. Then as now, at Ayanot we are engaged in the work of the land and the realization of leadership and education.

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To coordinate a visit and for more information please contact

Etty Mandelbaum



Etty Mandelbaum

Etty Boochny Mandelbaum -Ayanot Museum Director
Lives in Irus, married to Nitzan, and mother of Liri, Dotan and Dolev. Has two dogs, Do and Li. 
Served at Har Gila field school. Licensed Tour guide. Bachelor's degree in Judaism (Bar Ilan University), Master's degree in Christianity (Houston Baptist University, Texas). Wrote books
on the subject. Loves people, nature and history.

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