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Our Vision

Aderet Leadership Academy is an Israeli Beit Midrash - a dynamic arena that shapes future leaders to shoulder responsibility for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. It serves as a strategic hub where dedicated individuals engage in comprehensive study to transform knowledge into impactful action, fostering a collaborative spirit towards the creation of an exemplary society.

Aderet Institute trainees are gathered by the river

Mission Goals

  • Forge a unified vision for the future of the State of Israel.

  • Ignite a vibrant Jewish-Zionist-Israeli cultural renaissance.

  • Cultivate leadership capable of navigating with integrity and national responsibility.

Message from the Commandant of the Academy

Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi: Leading the Charge

Aderet Leadership Academy stands as a haven for forward-looking individuals embracing the power to shape envisioned realities. We seek enduring partners committed to diligent effort, continuous learning, and generating impactful ideas.

Our philosophy centers on joyful learning, crafting an unparalleled Jewish and Zionist educational program hand in hand with dedicated trainees. Together, we embark on molding future leadership - a coalition united in the belief that shared efforts forge an authentic future.

Our framework underscores public mission, asserting our graduates' contributions extend beyond army service.

At the academy, fostering love for our beautiful country entails intimately exploring its paths and people, cultivating integrity, and fostering unwavering commitment.

Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi

What Makes Us Different

This joint creation involves trainees actively leading specialized task teams, fostering professionalism. Our Israeli Beit Midrash delves into diverse fields like Zionism, Judaism, Israeli society, politics, Middle East studies, economics, gender, and public service. Simultaneously, the curriculum prioritizes experiential learning, including numerous field trips, study days, and more, fostering an intimate connection with the country. As a pre-army academy, we focus on comprehensive physical, mental, and emotional preparation for army service. Throughout this transformative experience, trainees benefit from a happy, demanding, and respectful group life, embodying the ethos of the Aderet Leadership Academy. Join us in shaping leaders who will profoundly impact the future of Israel.

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Collaborative Educational Program - Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders

Embark on a transformative journey with the Aderet Leadership Academy, where our collaborative educational program crafts tomorrow's leaders through in-depth learning, practical experience, and army service preparation.

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Aderet Leadership Academy in the Village

At the heart of the academy, we serve as a guiding light for young leaders, merging the spirit of Zionism, the principles of democracy, and the ethos of tolerance. Our academy, strategically partnered with youth villages, forms an unyielding alliance on the battlefield of education.

The concept of social responsibility is practically implemented during the academy year. We believe in acting for the benefit of the community in which we live, in collaboration with its stakeholders. As we maneuver through the trenches of communal service and voluntary commitments, our academy seamlessly integrates into the heart of youth villages, assuming a pivotal role in actively shaping the day-to-day landscape of the community, from mentoring and instructing the pre-army cadets, delivering personalized guidance, study in the internal educational program, work in the agricultural sector, leadership, and participation in village events, operating an informal education system, integration into community life and more.

Aderet Leadership Academy Staff

Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi Head of Aderet Leadership Academy

Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi
Head of Aderet Leadership Academy

The academy's founder and Aderet resident, happily married to Hila, father of four, and proud grandfather of Ami. Former combat soldier in "Duvdevan," holds a doctorate in military history but redirected focus to shaping Israel's future, and has been leading Aderet for 17 years. He is a falafel enthusiast, and a strong advocate for education with love.

Ilan Oknin Vice President

Ilan Oknin
Vice President

Modi'in resident, married, and father of five. With a 25-year military officer career, later a vice president at Dan. Moved to Aderet to contribute to a community with a sense of responsibility for Jewish people and Israeli society. Values professionalism and finds joy in hard work.

Galya Mazor Administrative Manager

Galya Mazor
Administrative Manager

Resident of Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed-Heh, a proud mother of three. NLP group instructor and trained mediator. Committed to overseeing administration and organizational efficiency, driven by a passion for people and a strong belief in personal development and growth.

Etty Mandelbaum Director of Ayanot Museum

Etty Mandelbaum
Director of Ayanot Museum

Etty, married to Nitzan, resides in Irus with her husband, Nitzan, and takes delight in the presence of their three children - Liri, Dotan, and Dolev,  as well as their two canine companions. A mentor, Etty holds a Bachelor's degree in Judaism and a Master's degree in Christianity. She is also an author with published works on the subject.

Adi Shadmi Recruitment Coordinator

Adi Shadmi
Recruitment Coordinator

Adi, 24, grew up in the Shimshit locality in the Jezreel Valley. She graduated from the High School for Environmental Education in Sde Boker and completed her pre-army training at Be’er Ora Pre-army Academy School. Adi served in the Education and Youth Corps, initially as a recruit commander and later as an officer. In her final position, she served as a platoon commander in Michve Alon.

Roni Nachmias Alumni Coordinator

Roni Nachmias
Alumni Coordinator

Hod Hasharon resident, currently pursuing a psychology BA at Reichman University. A graduate of Arava-Faran pre-army academy. In her military service, she served as a Public Affairs Officer in Jerusalem and later in the Western Galilee as a training and educational officer. Post-discharge, she joined Aderet's Ayanot branch as a counselor.

Yoav Asa Fitness and IDF Prep Manager

Yoav Asa
Fitness and IDF Prep Manager

Based in Kfar Aviv, Yoav, married to Mor and father of Omer, leads the organization "Asa Oti Lohem." For over 20 years, the organization has focused on preparing individuals for meaningful army service in the IDF's elite units. Yoav also serves on the board of directors of the "Atid Plus" association. As an educator and mentor, he guides thousands of young men and women toward self-fulfillment, leadership, and a love for the homeland.

Hatashtit Logo

Hatashtit Project, from the Nitzanim Association
Resource Development

The Hatashtit (“infrastructure”) project assembles a team of senior advisors, project managers, writers, and technology professionals dedicated to assisting social organizations in resource development.

Ro’i Weissman Training and Development Manager

Ro’i Weissman
Training and Development Manager

Married to Na’ama and father of five, Ro’i holds a Bachelor's in Jewish Thought and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University and a Master's in Jewish Thought from Herzog College. He is a teacher and educator at Hartman High School in Jerusalem, a graduate of the Kerem Institute for Teacher Training and "Beit Morasha" Beit Midrash. Ro’i served as a teaching emissary in Costa Rica for the World Zionist Organization and as a soldier and commander in the Nahal Brigade.

Board Members

Tomer Nitzan Chairman of the Board

Tomer Nitzan
Chairman of the Board

A health field entrepreneur, and founder of the Movement and Wellness organization, Tomer served for years as CEO in various subsidiary companies. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Emergency Medicine and a second degree in Health Systems Management, he resides in Moshav Netiv HaAsara, married, and father of three.

Atty. Itai (Itamar) Bartov

Atty. Itai (Itamar) Bartov

Involved with the Aderet Leadership Academy since its early years, Itai served as a combat soldier in the Navy, worked as a lawyer, and held senior positions in the Postal Authority, El Al, and Cellcom. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amidar. In his most recent role, he served as the head of the Beit Shemesh Municipality and is a partner in several socially-oriented businesses.

Atty. Iris Waller Weiss

Atty. Iris Waller Weiss

A certified attorney, Iris has served as the CEO of an international investment company, Reytalon Ltd., for the past 16 years. She serves on the boards of public and private companies and is also involved in social activism. Holding a Master's degree in Law from UCLA in California.

Yohanan Mali Municipal Manager of Beit Shemesh

Yohanan Mali
Municipal Manager of Beit Shemesh

A member of the Yavne Group, Yohanan is married to Hadar and father of three. A graduate of Beit Midrash Otniel and a guide in the academy in the past, he currently serves as the head of the Beit Shemesh municipality.

Atty. Tomer Hammer Audit Committee

Atty. Tomer Hammer
Audit Committee

An attorney and notary, Tomer is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University. A managing partner in the Breitholtz-Hammer Law Firm specializing in real estate, he was born in Netanya and currently resides in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut. One of the founders of Amit Modi'in School, Tomer serves as chairman of the parents' committee for the first 5 years. He is married and a father of four, with two grandchildren.

Eran Vlek

Eran Vlek

Currently, CEO of Bat Ami, Eran served as the director of the I BELONG ISRAEL (Masa Israeli) program from 2016 to 2021. Following 26 years of Army service in special units and command courses in the IDF, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Economics, and Logistics, as well as a Master's degree in Law. Eran is a sports navigation instructor, married, and a father of four, residing in Modi'in.

Our Partners

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