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Village Program trainees outside

Aderet Leadership Academy Village Program


The "Village Program" strategically forges synergies between pre-army academies and youth villages, operating for over six years in settlement education.

This visionary endeavor has crafted a model seamlessly intertwining academies and villages, developed under seasoned guidance.

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Trainees lying on straw stable


Instill an educational and communal symbiosis between academies and villages, stimulating diverse interactions, leadership, equal opportunities, and incorporating methodologies.

Partners receive continuous guidance, facilitating a robust academy-village connection with ongoing training and support.

Structural Framework


Trainees immerse in village frameworks like farms, events, and joint projects. They undergo training to ensure meaningful engagement with support.

The coordinator oversees dynamism, forges connections, and provides guidance, support, and tools for on-the-ground activities.

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Trainees lying on the grass

Program Leadership

Riki Marsha

At the helm of this transformative initiative is Riki Marsha, the Director of the Village Program. Over the past four years, she has adeptly served as the head of the Kfar Silver branch. Drawing upon a rich background in informal education and steering impactful educational journeys, Riki brings forth a deep-seated passion for both poetry and the cherished land of our nation.

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