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Kfar Silver trainees are forming a circle

Kfar Silver Branch

Situated in the historical Kfar Silver youth village, our branch epitomizes Aderet's commitment to diverse leaders. Enriched with a captivating synagogue and iconic water tower, it embodies our spirit.

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Silver branch trainees taking a photo on the grass

Within this vibrant village, a preservation site, we cater to immigrants and challenged youth. The infrastructure includes schools and a farm with livestock.

Immersed here, trainees reside near facilities surrounded by lush fields.

Engaging in community work is central to our ethos. Trainees collaborate on farm activities and workshops. We lead events from ceremonies to Shabbat.

Branch Staff

Adir Reiner Head of Branch

Adir Reiner
Head of Branch

At 31 years old, hailing originally from Jerusalem, Adir is a devoted family man, married to Zahar, and a proud father to Shaked and Daniel. A distinguished graduate of Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa, he is currently pursuing a doctorate in Bible at Bar-Ilan University. His extensive teaching experience spans various schools and seminaries. He has a passion for music, literature, and martial arts.

Ilana Dratva Director of Education

Ilana Dratva
Director of Education

A native of Kibbutz Kalya, currently residing in Be'er Sheva, Ilana brings a wealth of knowledge with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and psychology. A graduate of the Beit Israel Pre-army Academy, she served as an instructor in the Mikveh Israel Academy within the Shachar Academies Network. During her army tenure, she served both as a rehabilitation assessor and assumed the role of a commanding officer as her service neared its end.

Raz Ringler Counselor

Raz Ringler

Originating from Jerusalem, 23-year-old Raz Ringler contributes valuable army expertise, having served as a combat soldier in the Armored Corps and later assuming the role of an intelligence officer, where he reached the rank of First Lieutenant. Raz is a connoisseur of old music, a climber, and a people person.

Ayala Ben Zvi Counselor

Ayala Ben Zvi

Ayala Ben Zvi, 21, is a high school graduate of the Nahshon Program and the Aderet Leadership Academy class of '19. She served as a army psychological interview specialist and later as an officer.

Ayelet Dolinski Counselor

Ayelet Dolinski

Ayelet, 22, from Modi'in, married to Gershon. Started in Bnei Akiva and Krembo Wings, later an alumna of Yonatan pre-army academy. Served as an IDF education officer. Enjoys dancing and traveling.

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Silver brach trainees in the pool


  • Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi - Biblical Studies, Character Development & Virtue Cultivation

  • Adir Reiner - Literary Classics

  • Reut Ramiel - Community Work Training

  • Riki Marsha - Topics in Israeli Society

  • Moshe Levy - The Jewish Literary Canon

  • Yosef Miller - Zionist Ideology

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