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Ma'alot Program


An educational transformative venture by Aderet Leadership Academy, the Ma'alot program stands as a guiding light for the promising youth of our nation. Specifically tailored for students and alumni hailing from youth villages, Ma'alot embodies the ethos of Aderet - fostering a robust cadre of young leaders to fortify the fabric of Israeli society.
In the strategic pursuit of this vision, the Ma'alot program unfolds as a comprehensive four-year journey, intricately weaving personal and collective growth into the fabric of cadets' lives. The meticulous design of the program aligns seamlessly with the integrated pre-army leadership preparation paradigm championed by the Aderet Leadership Academy.

Program Structure

The program unfolds along two pivotal axes - a cohesive group dynamic and an individualized trajectory. Participants are intricately shepherded through an intensive and immersive schedule spanning four years.

Schedule of the program

Program Staff

Yulia Herut Ma'alot Program Manager

Yulia Herut
Ma'alot Program Manager

Mother to Jonathan and Levi, Yulia completed her pre-army service year within the Working and Studying Youth movement (Noar HaOved) following her service as a soldier in the 33rd "Caracal" Battalion. She has served as an instructor and day coordinator at a youth-sponsored daycare center for young women, along with instructing at an educational boarding school. Currently, alongside her educational role, she serves as a sexuality guide for young individuals and adults.

Ofir Eshel Maman  Ma'alot Program Coordinator

Ofir Eshel Maman 
Ma'alot Program Coordinator

Ofir Eshel Maman, aged 27, resides in the Almon community near Jerusalem and is married to Dor. A member of the Aderet Leadership Academy's class of '14, during her army service, she served as a recruit commander, Training and Marksmanship NCO, and spent two years as a head instructor at the training base of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. She holds a bachelor's degree in management with a specialization in human resources and is also a graphic designer.

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