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Who Are We Seeking?

Young men and women with a passion to contribute to the prosperity of the State of Israel and their local communities. Individuals driven to acquire knowledge and apply their skills within...


Acceptance Process for Academies

First Stage

Registration on the Council of Academies website > Link

Second Stage

After registration, an email and SMS will be sent with a link to answer a personal questionnaire. This stage is essential for the continuation of the selection process.

Third Stage

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an email and SMS invitation to register for open days at Aderet. The open day at Aderet is designed for mutual acquaintance of the candidates with the academy and vice versa. During these days, you will meet the educational staff, tour the village, and go through various stations.

Fourth Stage

After the open days, a personal interview will be scheduled for candidates who continue the selection process.

Fifth Stage

After the interview, you will receive a response regarding the acceptance status to Aderet - definite acceptance/waitlist/rejection.

For questions, you can contact the recruitment team -

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