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חניכי תוכנית שנה ב'

Mechinat Aderet Second Year - Program Vision

Embarking on the second year at the Aderet Leadership Academy’s Ayanot branch signifies a commitment to cultivating a cadre of exceptional individuals dedicated to immersive learning, autonomous thought, and the forging of a robust Jewish-Zionist identity. Throughout this rigorous program, each cadet undertakes the completion of a high-caliber "I Believe" essay - a capstone project requiring a deep dive into a pertinent societal issue within Israel. The curriculum is meticulously structured, intertwining lessons on Zionist and Jewish themes with active participation in community initiatives within the youth village. The culmination is marked by the crafting of the "I Believe" essay.

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Second year trainees in front of view

"I Believe" Project

Within the program's framework, every cadet engages in the "I Believe" project. This endeavor empowers individuals to select a societal concern, conduct a comprehensive investigation, and articulate a well-defined stance. The final output is an extensively researched essay complemented by a TED-style presentation at the year's end, where cadets address parents, alumni, peers, and representatives from all three branches. The essay's creation involves specialized writing workshops, verbal articulation training, and public speaking skills development.

Furthermore, each cadet receives guidance throughout the research and writing phases, honing critical thinking capabilities and acquiring in-depth knowledge on their chosen topic.
Community Work: At Ayanot, community involvement is a core tenet. Throughout the second year, cadets actively volunteer in diverse projects within the Ayanot Youth Village. These projects encompass tutoring internal village trainees, organizing social activities for external students, and spearheading local initiatives in collaboration with community organizations.

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Matan Hoffman

Matan Hoffman
Head of Branch

Jerusalem-born, residing in Ayanot, partner to Hila, and father to the nerdy twins Nevo and Dror. A Hashomer Hatzair movement graduate and former messenger of the Jewish Agency, he holds a bachelor's degree in social work and a master's degree in government and public policy. Served as a combat soldier and commander in the 50th Battalion of the Nahal Brigade.

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  • Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi - Biblical Studies, Character Development & Virtue Cultivation

  • Adir Reiner - Literary Classics

  • Reut Ramiel - Community Work Training

  • Riki Marsha - Topics in Israeli Society

  • Moshe Levy - The Jewish Literary Canon

  • Yosef Miller - Zionist Ideology

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