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"My year at Aderet was a profound chapter of self-discovery, revealing aspects of who I am, who I can be and who I aspire to become. In the company of remarkable individuals and through a tapestry of adventures, I encountered both trials and triumphs. Overcoming challenges collectively with fellow cadets added significance to the entire experience. Undoubtedly, it stands out as the most significant year of my life."
Benyamin, Class of '20
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Graduates epitomize purposeful individuals propelled by love for people and land, embodying integrity and professionalism. The alumni network fosters scholastic and practical pursuits to realize the vision throughout their lives.


Aderet alumni sitting together

The consummation of Aderet's vision through the perpetual engagement of its graduates

Aderet, conceived as an educational entity, transcends the confines of a single year, aspiring to witness its alumni lead lives steeped in spirit, erudition, and action. This involvement extends seamlessly into army, civic, and communal spheres, exemplifying the academy's values in consonance with their individual capabilities and proclivities.

Transformation of the Aderet's alumni network into a nurturing space for erudition and proactive participation

 The potential embedded within the alumni community is considerable. The vision is to craft a haven that fosters a sense of identity, facilitating networking, collaborative learning, and providing a secure framework for societal engagement.

Alumni stand together and smile
Graduation ceremony

Empowering Aderet as a repository of knowledge and pertinent tools for its alumni

 The alumni community, an inherent facet of the academy's operation, assumes a role that, while not daily and intensive like the academy year, remains pertinent. The ambition is for Aderet graduates to regard the institution as an ongoing and relevant entity, endowing them with tools and knowledge possessing contemporary relevance.

Alumni Coordinator

Roni Nachmias

Roni Nachmias

As the academy year draws to a close, the objectives of Aderet persist beyond this temporal boundary. The raison d'être of the alumni program resides in the creation of a community that perpetuates the ethos and spirit of Aderet into adulthood and beyond the formal academy year. The alumni community functions as a platform for collaborative learning, social initiative, networking, and as a source of affiliation for our graduates. The aspiration is to witness our graduates navigate lives infused with spirit, learning, and action, seamlessly integrated into army, civic, and communal pursuits, thereby epitomizing Aderet's values in alignment with their individual aptitudes and preferences throughout their adult lives.

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