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Ben Shemen branch trainees

Ben Shemen Branch

Established just two years ago, the Ben Shemen branch represents the burgeoning branch of the Aderet Leadership Academy. Our humble beginnings in a small classroom, a single office, and makeshift living quarters within the village's maintenance warehouse have transformed into a thriving community.

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Ben Shemen Branch trainees on the grass

After about six months, Aderet found a welcoming home within the kindergarten building, which our cadets have actively converted into a splendid beit midrash building. Featuring a pergola, an outdoor study space, a garden, and a library generously donated by the family of the late Zvi Zameret (may his memory be a blessing), this space embodies the spirit of academic excellence and community collaboration.
The village community has warmly embraced us, forming partnerships in various initiatives, establishing connections, and organizing collaborative events. Our trainees play key roles in numerous ceremonies, such as the unveiling ceremony that highlights years of service and academies in the village, the vibrant Purim celebration, the "Singing in Their Memory" event preceding Memorial Day, and the ceremony at the Memorial Monument Shayeret Ben Shemen, honoring the fallen on Memorial Day. They wholeheartedly participate in all events, showing remarkable enthusiasm, particularly in the renowned Shavuot celebration of the village, where graduates from all 96 years of its history come together.

Active involvement in community development is a central element of our dedication to the village's progress. The academy trainees collaborate closely with village counterparts in diverse roles, such as managing egg production and broiler farms, overseeing the horse farm, maintaining the barn, tending to the zoological garden, managing the greenhouse, cultivating the vineyard, and providing support to students with learning challenges across various educational levels.
Additionally, over the past year, Aderet has initiated the "Ma'alot" youth program, offering weekly value-based content to village youth aged 1-9, reinforcing our dedication to holistic community engagement.

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Trainees on a wooden swing

Branch Staff

Golan Hemo Head of Branch

Golan Hemo
Head of Branch

A Golan Heights native, married to Neta, and father to Ella and Rei. Graduated from the Hasfin Yeshiva, served as a combat soldier in Shaldag, holding a bachelor's degree in philosophy. A graduate of Musrara High School for Eastern Music, he enjoys playing music, hands-on building, and soccer.

Ziv Sela Director of Education

Ziv Sela
Director of Education

At the age of 28, Ziv originates from the Gan Yoshiya moshav in the Hefer Valley and presently lives in Tel Aviv. Ziv underwent the pre-army service year in Malkishua and served in the army as an infantry training officer. With a bachelor's degree in psychology and education, along with studies in group facilitation, Ziv is passionate about learning, traveling (particularly within Israel), admiring flowers, and connecting with people.

Hadar Grushko Counselor

Hadar Grushko

At 22 years old, Hadar, a native of Jerusalem, is a graduate of the Bnei Akiva youth movement and the Migdal Oz seminary. She served as a commander in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Loves being in nature, traveling, and learning new things.

Michaela Halevi Counselor

Michaela Halevi

Michaela is 22 years old, from Mevasheret Zion. she served as a commander in intelligence training for the Air Force. Additionally, she worked as a youth instructor at Kibbutz Afik through the Nettaim program and graduated from the Ein Yahav pre-army academy. She enjoys reading and traveling.

Roni Na’amati Counselor

Roni Na’amati

At 23 years old, hailing from the Kfar Adumim community, Roni is a graduate of the Reut school in Jerusalem and completed years 1 and 2 at the Hannaton Pre-Army Academy. She dedicated 3.4 years of service to the Border Protection Corps, where she served as an observation officer. Roni's interests include theater, travel, and a deep affection for dogs.

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Trainees sitting on a hammock


  • Dr. Shmaryahu Ben-Pazi - Israel's Historical Controversies and Character Development & Virtue Cultivation

  • Golan Hemo - Israeli Beit Midrash

  • Ziv Sela - Topics in Israeli Society

  • Nadav Pinchi - Middle East Studies

  • Yehuda Mali - Biblical Studies

  • Harel - Zionism

  • Noa Mualem - Democracy

  • Ilana Tishler (Director of Ben Shemen Youth Village) - Education of At-Risk Youth

  • Tal Lifshin - Significant Service

  • “Ladaat. Choose Well" Association - Sexuality and Relationship Gender Workshop

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